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Shenzhen Virtue Hotel Consultant Company (Referred to as “VHC”) is a leading hotel consultancy organization in China, which was established as a professional consultancy company in response to the changes of market demand and to resolve the new technical problems in the hotel investment process.

Executive Director & President     Mr. Berlin Huang

Mr. Berlin Huang, Senior Engineer, Senior Economist
Mr. Berlin Huang is one of the first engineers joined in International Hotel Group since China reformed and opened to the outside world. He majored in Master of Economics and Management in Hongkong City University. He has 25 years of hotel working experience, the hotels he worked in are including: Guangzhou China Hotel (5-star) (managed by American Marriot International Hotel Management Company), Shenzhen Panglin Hotel(5-star)(Managed by American Hilton International Hotel Management Company) and so on. He has served as Deputy Chief Engineer, Human Resources manager, Housekeeping Manager, Food & Beverage director, Manager of Career Department in a hotel of listed company, vice general manager and general manager. Mr. Berlin Huang is one of the few experts who promoted from engineer to the hotel general manager in China.

Mr. Berlin Huang is one of the founders of China Hotel Consultancy Industry. He founded HOTEL SOLUTION CONSULTING Company LTD and served as president; assisted United Hotel Consultancy Company and served as honorary president; supported Link land Hotels Company and served as executive director. As an expert with hotel management and engineering planning experiences, Mr. Berlin Huang earns the reputation in hotel consultancy industry. His research achievement, hotel architecture design, was published by China Architecture Publishing House. His cross-region research about hotel economy & architecture garners much attention from international and domestic architecture experts. Mr. Berlin Huang has about 10 years of experiences in Hotel & Real Estate Investment Consultancy Industry; he hosted or participated about 140 hotels and tourism real estate strategic planning projects during the previous years and some of the companies are listed as below: Chongqing Longhu Real Estate, Xiamen International Air Port Group, Xian Hi-Tech Group, Shenzhen Yantian Port, Shenzhen Jinhui Group, Yunnan Guanfang Group, Shanghai Yuchang Real Estate Development Group, CITIC Group, China Everbright Group, the National Investment Group, Poly Real Estate Group.